BODIES, THE: Angel on the Nine: 7” single: Angel on the Nine: 7” single

Dec 28, 2010

Had no idea this band was still functioning. The last time I had seen them was at Headline Records with the Trust Fund Babies around 1998/1999. Two new songs of punk rock that reminds me of a rawer Stitches. Despite being from Sonoma, I hear a big OrangeCounty influence in their sound. It’s tuneful, catchy, fast, and clean. “Open Your Eyes” is the faster of the two, and the one I listen to the most. “Angel on the Nine” is a bit more poppier, and, in a way, it holds the song back. Not a bad song, but when paired with what’s on the B side, it doesn’t have as much heat.

 –M.Avrg ((Modern Action)