BODIES, THE: Addicted to You: CD

Jul 09, 2007

It seems appropriate to mention, while reviewing a recording by a band called “The Bodies,” just how much the act of reviewing music is like conducting an autopsy—an autopsy on something that’s not dead yet. As the philosopher Christmas Humphrey once said (and I’m going purely on memory here, so I’m paraphrasing) “once something has been successfully defined, it has been successfully killed.” That being the case, I’m going to gallantly serve up a review of this re-packaging of the Bodies’ first record (plus bonus tracks) which will be rife with utterly inadequate descriptions of the music contained therein. All so you—the punk music epicureans—can enjoy the lively melodic pop punk sounds of this recording without the unsightly scar tissue of my having poked and prodded around getting in the way. So here goes: edgy, fun, neurotic, happy music played with guitars to a punk rock beat. There. Now forget I said any of that and go buy the disc.

 –aphid (Radio)