BODIES LAY BROKEN: Discursive Decomposing Disquisitions of Moldered Malapropisms and Sedulous Solec: CD

Jun 19, 2007

I was shocked into silence by this. I mean, I knew full well that I was going to hate it, but DAMN! Seriously guys, twenty-three of twenty-seven songs are Latin names for diseases of one sort or another (but I’m glad you threw “Chudbot” in there for good measure!). The music? Well let’s just say that it’s grindcore of the most nonsensical degree. The vocals sound like a combination of the spit suction at the dentist and trying to hock up that elusive loogie that has been irritating your throat for the last half an hour. Granted, I might not be the right person to review this, but I am the right one to point out that if these guys had put as much effort into the English on the disc as the Latin, the spine might not have read “Bodies Lay Borken.” Painful.

 –ty (One Percent)