BOBBY JOE EBOLA AND THE CHILDREN MACNUGGITS: ¡Carmelita Sings!: Visions of a Rock Apocalypse: CD

Well, it’s certainly wacky. I think I can say that right off the bat. John Geek of the Fleshies and other Geekfest-associatedBay Area musicians make up this band that also seems to be partly comedy troupe. There are elements that remind me of Jello Biafra and his various musical endeavors—flamboyant, theatrical vocals, extensive liner noting, and collage art. And like Dead Kennedys and Jello’s solo work, lyrics are humorous with political and social commentary. The main difference is that whereas Dead Kennedys were a band that wrote songs that were also funny, these songs seem like they were meant to be funny first and songs secondly. Personally, I think this makes both the humor and music suffer and what you wind up with is more of a punk rock Ray Stevens, as a lot of the jokes come across as strained and dated. This is probably a great musical artifact for the people who experienced this firsthand and got to be a part of the Geekfest scene but I can’t see myself reaching to put this one on again.

 –Jeff Proctor (Silver Sprocket)