BOB MOULD: Silver Age: CD/LP

Bob Mould’s latest solo album arrives twenty years after the release of Copper Blue, the much-heralded album from his power pop band, Sugar. Interestingly enough, despite being a “solo” album, Silver Age is quite reminiscent of Mould’s former act. These ten songs clocking in at thirty-eight minutes are power pop rock (and do I still hear a little bit of the Hüsker Dü angst in there, too?). Drummer Jon Wurster of Superchunk and bassist Jason Narducy of Telekinesis form a great backing band with energy and strength to match Mould’s. There is a confidence in the sound and Mould’s voice that emanate positivity and strength. Sure, this isn’t as good as some of Sugar’s best material (and it’s entirely different than Hüsker Dü, although it does retain some of the sincerity and vigor), but it’s a solid album that Mould should be proud of. “The Descent” is one of the most infectious rock songs I’ve heard in a while and the other material makes for good driving music. There’s a lot of positive vibes on here and, despite being in his fifties, Silver Age shows that Bob Mould is still writing some great material. Aging Hüsker Dü fans, check this one out.

 –kurt (Merge)