BOB LOG III: My Shit Is Perfect: CD

Jun 01, 2009

Kicking, stumbling, lumbering one-man band Bob Log III continues his race-winning tradition in unusual uno man-o blues trash, playing slide guitar, drums, cymbal, and drum machine singing through a motorcycle helmet built-in telephone microphone. Great shit; all the lovable messy bump and grind from his first few solo records after Doo Rag but with a little more production, like the recent vibe of his Log Bomb album. I think I can understand the words now. Not terribly important though, as with classic titles “Goddamn Sounds Good Pt. 2,” “Bang Your Thing at the Ball” and “You, or You and You, and Me.” The ultimate moustache soundtrack if they ever remake Burt Reynolds’ moonshine epic White Lightning. Only difference, Burt was completely serious in that. Bob is nothing but good humored fun and kicks.

 –mike (Voodoo Rhythm,