BOB BURNS: Self-titled: CD

Nov 02, 2010

Dunno who Mr. Burns—well, at least the Mr. Burns in question here—is, but his forays into the fork in the road where rock, punk, and power pop diverge are about as good as it gets. He’s in possession of a voice reminiscent of Paul Mahern, and while the tunes don’t necessarily trample the same terra, the diversity of styles mined—predominantly straight-rhythm rock tempos with the occasional thrasher, slow-burner, and swaggerer tossed in to keep things—and the infusion of just the right amount of pop sense likewise brings to mind Mahern’s much adored band, the Zero Boys. A lofty comparison, yes, but there is no denying there is some rock-solid work put in here.

 –jimmy (Crustacean)