BLUNDERBUSS: Self-titled: CD

Mar 17, 2008

Blunderbuss hails from Pittsburgh, and while I’ve never been to that fair destination, this music is what I imagine the city to sound like: a slow, churning, methodically metallic cacophony, like someone banging on factory pipes with a hammer while a large engine rumbles rhythmically, keeping time. The songs are noise-rock dirges that are content to plug along for a few minutes in Shellac-like repetition before exploding in a swirl of coppery guitars and the rigorous thumping of the drums. “Sin Built Stairs” builds on a menacing bass line that vibrates so hard I checked my cell phone thinking I had a call. Slint and Jawbox would round out a great bill with Blunderbuss opening.

 –benke (Escape Artist)

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