BLUEBIRD: Hot Blood: CD (in crummy excuse for packaging.)

Jul 23, 2009

I can't speak for more than myself and a few other music critics, but there is nothing more annoying to at least the few of us than a CD we receive to review that is just the CD in a blank case, or worse yet, a sheath. This splits the difference by sending me one of those Comp USA scallop cases with no liner notes or cover, but a sticker telling me to contact Carol Phillips at TPG publicity. Not to say that I covet jewel boxes and professionalism, I love a lot of material found on home burned CDs with photocopied sleeves. But that gives insight into the band's personality, which requires one to have. This seems to be the work of people trying to "make it" in the music "industry." Yep, this band has mediocre written all over them. Sure, they know how to play instruments well, but this suits them for being the band that you stand around with a drink in hand, talking to your friends while waiting for the band you came to see to get onstage after whoever these guys are. Perhaps what you talk about how being competent and passionate are completely unrelated things. You bob your head, you may even enjoy them. Hell, music is enjoyable to hear. But the next day, you refer to them as "that opening" band and forget they existed at all not long after.

 –rich (Dim Mak)