Jan 11, 2013

I’m definitely enjoying the resurgence of death rock these past couple years. Blue Cross definitely stand out. I was in Extreme Noise a couple months back, and they were playing this. My friend was losing his mind over it. “Gah!! Who is this? Are they an old band?” Nope. They’re new (a two piece, whose members been in/are in bands like Germ Attak, Iron Dogs, etc.). I showed him the LP and suggested he add it to his foot-high stack of seven inchers. Seriously, if you like the dark and cold stuff, you will love this record. Think early Siouxsie And The Banshees, but far darker. As though they mated with Christian Death, and this is their hell spawn. The guitar has that nice and dark sound, as well as those ice cold notes that have a way of bleeding all over the place, and creating this air of despair. Then there’s the bass that lurks under it all, guiding you further into the gloom. The rhythms are plodding at times, and rumbling others. The vocals have a slight echo going on, giving them an otherworldly quality. “Coming Back to Haunt You” and “The Man That You Fear” are nothing but despairing, whereas songs like “No Redeemer” and “Driving Spikes into Flesh” are more defiant. The song, “Despair, Don’t Care” is the most upbeat and has a riff and outro very similar to the Adolescents “Amoeba.” Perfect listening for the lonely hours.

 –M.Avrg (Noxious Noize,

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