Feb 18, 2009

When you pull out a pile of CDs to review and you find yourself hitting repeat and it’s not until the fourth play that you realize you should move on, well, that’s a good sign. These guys remind me of Circle Jerks (esp. “Wonderful”), D4, All, NoFX’s best stuff and not so much the Freeze but later bands that were inspired by the Freeze. A few bits make me think these guys also listen to Tool and country. I like NoFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo a lot and would imagine that if that album were harder, rougher around the edges, and made with less goofiness and more sense of purpose, this would be the album. (Which is to say, if you like NoFX you should like them, but if you don’t, you probably will, too.) The final track’s reggae influence seems more from the Choking Victim school than straight reggae. Various songwriting credits explain how one band can have such a range while maintaining a “sound” that works consistently. My one complaint with this album is that it should be much longer.

 –rich (Destroy All)

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