BLUDWULF: Cryptic Revelations: CD

Jul 25, 2007

These guys and girl are a different bunch. They tend to play a lot of DIY punk shows. But their look is more glam with some punk elements mixed in. The music sounds like 80s metal with a feel of the Japanese band GISM. I saw this band on tour with Toxic Holocaust last year. If you know anything about TH, it is just one person on record. But when he plays out, he recruits a band to learn his songs and back him. So Bludwulf were the backing and opening band for the tour. Live, Bludwulf were pretty fun to watch even though they didn’t have their guitarist with them. He had gotten himself arrested the night before. So Mr. Toxic Holocaust had to back them on guitar. So I ended up watching one band with a singer and the same band with the guitarist singing a different set. On this recording, the energy of their live show is not captured. To me, sounds like a metal record I would have pulled out of the used bin back in the ‘80s from some obscure band from maybe the Midwest. I would have pulled it out, listened to it, and then put it back in the bins.

 –don (Charged)

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