BLOWN TO BITS: Ruling Class: 7"

May 27, 2009

This is what I know. I've been reading a lot of these guys in Bay area zines as of late. A lot of hype is out there. A friend told me their crowds are very loyal but violent. I’ve known the singer Jim for a very long time, probably coming on fifteen to twenty years. He’s one of the long-standing punk friends I have, a tried and true crust punk for life. The only thing that surprises me is that it took him so long to get a band together. We spent many a night drinking as he yelled along to Chaos UK, UK Subs, Disorder, Exploited, Discharge or many bands of the day from the UK. Since I have fallen out of touch with Jim, him living in the bay area and I in LA, I felt compelled to sample his new band and first release with excitement. Pet peeve time here. I hate when bands don’t include an insert. I can’t always tell where a band comes from without some additional information. If the label can afford to print the cover, why not xerox some lyric sheets or include an insert? Starting with the cover art, it is very Crass influenced. That is very Jim, in my opinion. Easily recognizable as a punk release. Musically, they come off as more of a Swedish D-beat thing that is metallic in a crust kind of way. The east coast straight edge metal parts did surprise me. The vocals are so guttural, they seem to burn the inner lining of the throat. Background vocals are screamed to accentuate the point. Drums and bass follow along in the mayhem that they create. Still wish I had a lyric sheet though. Can’t tell if the lyrics are intelligent or cutter

 –don (Disintegration)