Jul 09, 2007

It’s not always easy for rockabilly bands to make a name for themselves, especially if they’re prone to aping the tried-and-true formula of the zillion other similar bands that went before them. So here’s a word of advice—when in doubt, keep all your songs brief, preferably under two minutes. Lyrically, there’s not a whole lot that distinguishes Blown Casket from other quasi-roots rockers. Their eight-minute debut treads the usual ground (Mama-tried-but-I’m-a-hellbound-rebel-whose-cheatin’-girlfriend-is-gonna-pay-as-soon-as-I-finish-this-drag-race) but their self-imposed brevity keeps things moving along at a good pace. It’s a damn nice piece of work that bodes well as long as they don’t stretch things out too much. Did I mention this was burned on someone’s computer? It makes for a pretty ugly addition to your CD collection.

 –eric (Self-released)