BLOWFLY: Black in the Sack: LP

I have plenty of friends who adore Blowfly—credited by many as the first dirty rapper, if not the first rapper ever—who, in real life, is seventy-five-year-old musician Clarence Reid, releaser of records since the Kennedy administration. If you find infinite entertainment value in hearing a dirty old black dude singing X-rated parodies of songs like “Back in Black” ((the title track)) and “Another Rainy Night in Georgia” ((sung as “another spermy night in Georgia”)), by all means, feast at this copious pile of macaroni and cheese soul. I personally find Blowfly kind of fun to play in the van on the way to an out of town gig once in a while, but that’s about the extent of my appreciation. The comedic enhancements ((credited as “perverted prologues”)) by Tesco Vee are pretty ace, though. BEST SONG: “Spermy Night (Slight Return).” BEST SONG TITLE: “Spermy Night (Slight Return).” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Thanks list includes a “Gary Gilmore.” 

 –norb (Patac,