Apr 05, 2006

One original and one cover by each Japanese band. Blotto!: I finally got to see these guys at a small house party during The Fest when they played a three-song set in the front room of a cabin in the woods to a small crowd wedged around a pool table, which took up most of the room. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Their cover is Chrimpshrine’s "Wake Up" and The Because do Jawbreaker’s "Do You Still Hate Me." The Because: my friend J has been going on about The Because since he came back from Japan, and now I know why. Sweet melodies offset by gravely vocals that works so well that they’ve just made the ranks of being one of my four favorite Japanese bands (Blotto! being another of the four). One of the best 7"s of the year.

 –megan (Snuffy Smile)