Jul 23, 2007

Blotto: It’s nice to think that the Midwest is a state of mind—kinda like the Beach Boys making anyone hearing their songs feel like they should take up surfing, no matter where they were. In the Midwest, people seem nicer and strangers will often look you in the eye without hostility. The bands are definitely heartier. Blotto fits in right nicely with The Modern Machines and Off With Their Heads, only they’re from Japan. And that makes perfect sense to me. Bouncy, rugged, ragged, smart punk with melody. I’m hardwired into liking ‘em. Drunken Boat: They’re getting better and better with each release because they seem to—instead of snuggling into a convincing patchwork of their influences from the Pogues (Their name is from a Pogues song {or a Rimbaud poem, take your pick}) to early ‘90s East Bay punk—are bleeding and sweating them out to a more pure and personal form to a voice all their own. Good stuff.

 –todd (Snuffy Smiles)