BLOSSUM HILL: Illustrate Your Grub: EP

May 07, 2015

What a trip; I put this record on in the house and the missus asked if this was Green Day. Not the “in the charts on major labels” Green Day, but the “1000 Hours, 39:Smooth Green Day,” the soundtrack to summer Green Day, the staying up all night in the attic with Jono drinking cheap cider Green Day, the stealing milk and doing LSD with the band Green Day. You want innovation? Get into experimental jazz. Reliving a sound or a feeling can be as vital as reinventing noise. This band from Finland brought back memories and feelings I thought long forgotten. It sounds exactly like the very best Green Day records. I’ve been known to be offhand and cynical, and so I should be, I’ve spent a ton of days on this earth ingesting shit. I love this. Unapologetic to all. Constant rotation; remembering being nineteen. 

 –Tim Brooks (Hold On,