BLOODY HAMMER: Apathy Is Bliss: EP

Mar 16, 2012

So gawwwd damn good! So many reasons to love this record; it’s hard to know where to start to tell you that you should really have this in your life. My eyes were bulging out of my skull the whole time I was listening to this record, mainly in disbelief that something so good, so righteous, had found its way into my feeble existence. That something as noble and holy as this Bloody Hammer record had put a little bit of sunshine into the grey that is my life. Before hearing this beauty, I was shopping around for a pistol that would match my shoes as I blew my brains out over the holidays. But, fuck no, this record intervened with its awesomeness and set me straight. There is hope. Not the kind of hope that people use to win elections, but real hope. The kind you can see and hear. The kind that makes you want to face the day and take it on, instead of the usual, “Oh, shit another fucking day ahead of me...” This is punk fucking rock to the core. The kind of music that gets up the noses of the straights, the kind that miscreants thrive on. It’s ugly, full of attitude, and delivered in a “straight up, don’t give a fuck” way. They can hit the high speeds, then go for something a little more subdued with some “whoo-ooh” underneath (“Public Enemy”). So many songs on here are destined for classic status among those wise enough to grab this. Somewhere out there you will find people singing along to “Dead Erection,” “True Love,” “I Don’t Care,” the previously mentioned “Public Enemy,” “Hysteria,” “God Bless America,” and “Keep Running.” Imagine if GG Allin had fronted a hardcore band in the early ‘80s. Get off your dead ass and get this.

 –M.Avrg (Cutthroat,

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