BLOODY GEARS: Self-titled: EP

Nov 02, 2010

It’s one thing to be influenced by a band, and it’s another to blatantly sound exactly like a particular band. Quite a few bands are citing the Wipers as an influence these days. Which is understandable. The Wipers were an amazing band. But many of these bands still sound more like themselves, and have other influences in their sound. Then there’s a band like the Bloody Gears who sound like they decided to start a band around the third Wipers album, Over the Edge. Everything about this band sound wise, minus most of the lyrics, is a direct influence of the Wipers. From the guitar sound, the vocal delivery, and on down the line. Being such a blatant knock off, they’ve also scrubbed any chance of the music having a soul. Which is one of the key elements the Wipers possessed. You could say these guys are nothing more than a glorified cover band. I will say they do the sound well. But when faced with the decision of listening to Wipers or Bloody Gears, I’d rather go with the original than simulacra.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged,