Bloodreal: By Crazy Carl Robinson 261 pgs. By Andy Conway

Aug 31, 2010

Far be it for me to insult the writing of someone named Crazy Carl Robinson, especially in the event that it’s not just a funny nickname. I wouldn’t want to start getting bags of toenail clippings in the mail because of a negative review. However, to the contrary, I found this book to be perversely entertaining. It’s like I’m reading the private thoughts of a fat, sad loser and I mean that in the nicest way possible, as I’m pretty sure those were the author’s intentions anyway. Bloodreal is a collection of short stories and op-ed pieces by Robinson that appear to be heavily autobiographical and sometimes very creepy. Throughout the book, he vents about an unrequited love named Julie (who I hope is safe wherever she is), his “mama” ruining his life, and people calling him fat. It’s mostly interesting to read, for a little while anyway. Eventually, the book turns into a series of top ten lists about Cheech and Chong movies and who his favorite pro wrestlers are, which is where he might lose readers who aren’t too interested in those topics. I hope this book does really well and begins a trend of authors adapting funny monikers, like Dangerous David Sedaris or Radical Richard Dawkins. Fingers crossed. –Andy Conway (Sisyphus Press, PO Box 10495, State College, PA)