Sep 23, 2009

Heavy and epic. There’s a foreboding tone through the entire record, as though the skies are filled with black birds of death circling as the heathen horde storms the desert village, taking no prisoners, laying all to waste with their hell-forged steel. It’s slow and deliberate one minute and then the next they’re cranking out an unholy riff that could move the catatonic. Somewhere between stoner rock and doom. You can hear the influences of bands like Sabbath, Pentagram, and Electric Wizard, but Bloodhorse are wise enough to keep it original and not take the easy route to become some glorified tribute band. If you like bands like the Sword, Ancestors, Cavity, and other bands of that style, you need to check out Bloodhorse. Fuggin’ great album.

 –M.Avrg (Translation Loss,

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