Nov 21, 2006

It’s a supergroup of somewhat known, yet highly loved and respected guys. If drunk is the new genius, then these four dudes have made the Manhattan Project of partying, (substituting cubes of Pabst for Little Boy), puking, and pooping Adderall yellow. What that means is if you like any one of the following bands—of which Paddy, Davey, Ben, and Mike hail from—you’ll just have to go out and buy a record you don’t own and already like: Dillinger Four, Tiltwheel, J.Church, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, The Minds, Snakepit comics (not a band, but you get the idea), The Observers, and Dan Padilla. It’s duct tape, serious-thought-but-they-won’t-readily-admit-it, create-your-own-world-and-live-in-it-while-having-a-good-time punk.

 –todd (Little Deputy)

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