BLOOD VESSELS: Self-titled: CD

Mar 13, 2007

Skull art = punk rock. It’s the mathematical punk rock recipe for success, right? The tongue is bit off, the eyeballs are poppin’ out, the skull cap has exploded, leaving that big fluffy brain exposed. I take my cover art quite literally, so, to me, this means that listening to Blood Vessels’ new self titled CD on Teenage Heart Records will make your head explode, just like the dude in Scanners. It would seem that, upon further inspection of recorded material, I was sadly mistaken because all of my innards and skeletal features are intact. It’s a bummer for me to come to the realization that skull cover art doesn’t always equate to kick ass punk music. The whole system is breaking down. God damn you, Blood Vessels.

 –Dave Disorder (Teenage Heart)

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