BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT: Respect Our Loyalty: CD

Jun 25, 2006

Musically, I love hardcore music. You get the heavy guitar riffings of metal and the anger of punk. Lyrically, I find it amusing that there is so much posturing about loyalty and such. Like it’s a self-esteem problem and you have to overcompensate to show that you belong. You will most likely never find me at a hardcore show. From what I have seen in the past and seen on videos, I could not stand the crowd with all that machismo going around. In terms of music though, I’m pretty easy going. I usually focus on the music. As long as it’s not racist, sexist, or lyrically remedial in the fourth grade sense, I can usually listen. I like to bang my head sometimes, so this does appeal to me. With a great recording, the guitars are crunchy and the bass and drums are solid. Adding musicianship, these chaps know how to play and write some mighty mean tunes. Everything I like in a band like Strife is represented here. Full of energy and rage.

 –don (Spook City)

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