BLOOD COOKIE: Disappoint Yourself: CD

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a band that decides to get a bit ambitious. Even if they don’t quite succeed, the fact that they’re making a concerted push to find a sweet spot amidst a shitload of staid pigeonholes. Blood Cookie casts a wide net here—no wave-inspired skronk with odd time signatures, uptempo punk, noise pop reminiscent of both Mission Of Burma and mid-period Sonic Youth, alt-rock—and wonder of wonders, they do a pretty handy job of smacking every one into deep center field. Given the level of work put in here, I give ‘em two releases, at the very most, before they find a way to meld all of their influences into something truly mind-bendingly great. As it is, this’ll be spending some quality time in the listening rotation. 

 –jimmy (Blood Cookie)