BLOCKO: South London Vs the World: 2 x CD

Jul 24, 2013

There are bands that take up places in ones memory like the smell of the London Underground or pub carpets at opening time. They are of a place and a time and as soon as you hear them you are instantly taken back as if it were yesterday. No-one needs to hear about my past, but in 1999 I was living in London with my wife who was transplanted from the U.S.A after I was rudely deported and we were missing her home and wishing the U.K wasn’t so crap. During that period we listened to and loved our homegrown talent (however few and far between it was), bands like Southport, Leatherface, Hard Skin, and South London’s own Blocko. They took the very English sound of bands like Leatherface, Drive, and Broccoli and added just a dash of the Gainesville “emo,” if that’s the right word (think Hot Water Music). It’s hard for me to gauge this double disc with any kind of impartiality, just to say if you want to collect the LP, mini LP, and numerous split records of this London staple from 1999–2003 then it’s more than worth the admission price. Props to Aston at Boss Tuneage for continually archiving my memories.

 –Tim Brooks (Boss Tuneage,