BLOBS: Shame: CS

Jan 19, 2016

Not to focus too heavily on their name, but I just read Josh Max’s piece in the New York Times about becoming a nude art model (“Zen and the Art of Art Modeling”), the quiet exhilaration and anonymity of it, and the support he got from both the teacher and the students, until he saw a drawing of himself by one student, “a lanky guy wearing a fedora, a beard and a slight smirk,” who had drawn “basically a blob with arms and legs.” Max feels stricken that he’s rendered not as “a lovable blob, a sexy blob, a confident blob,” but as “a repulsive blob, a loser blob.” Buffalo’s Blobs have perhaps dealt with the fedora smirk in one way or another (we are all dealing with fedora smirk), and are perhaps alienated blobs, wondering-why-life-is-so-terrible blobs, Charlie Brown blobs. But they’re also relatable, high energy weirdos who have made one of the best tapes I’ve heard in a while. Singer Amelia is just on the border between exhausted and unhinged, reaching her limit and going crazy over hyper rock’n’roll. She’s not accepting calls today. The band as a whole are not wasting any time. You are dancing no matter where you are when you hear this, you cool, smart blob. 

 –Matt Werts (More Power,