Aug 07, 2006

Blitzkrieg were one of the second wave Brit punk bands that had put out releases in the early ‘80s. Paradox UK were the band that formed after the ashes and continued on in the ‘90s. Blitzkrieg started, as many of the bands of the time, playing more a traditional oi sound and gradually changed their sound with the influence of Discharge, which made their music faster and more aggressive in the same manner as the Varukers. Paradox UK is a band that I saw their releases around but never had the urge to pick anything up. The tracks featured here have the remnants of the crossover period that has tinges of a Motörhead sound. These tracks are the weaker of the two bands due to the thin guitar sound. It comes out as average, but nothing to grab you by. The Blitzkrieg tracks were far better produced and have energy. I’m not sure where these tracks were compiled from, but it is a welcome opportunity to hear bands that I didn’t really pay attention to when they were active.

 –don (Street Anthem)