BLITZ: Voice of a Generation: LP

Here’s a good place to state why Razorcake doesn’t take the bait of capitalizing the “o” and putting an exclamation point after the “i” in the word oi. (“Oi!” in English, is like saying “Hey!” in American. “Hey! Music” sounds horribly stupid.) Oi! was a marketing term, musical make believe, coined by writer Garry Bushell. He made such other music terms as “Skunx.” (Skins + punx. Get it? Lars did.) The problem with tags is that when they go out of style, most bands tied to the mast of the particular label sink. Pretty much everyone except one or two bands gets fucked, except the industry that feeds off of broken dreams, unfulfilled promises, and short-term memories. (See: grunge, powerviolence, emo, bandana thrash.) I don’t know where you sit with New Mills, Derbyshire, England’s Blitz, but I’ll say that they put out one of the finest full-lengths of the early ‘80s. This one. Voice of a Generation. It’s punk. No need to tart it up, capitalize it, and add an exclamation point. It stands on it its own just fine in the thirty years since it was first released. This reissue sounds great, is from the Czech Republic, comes with a glossy fold-out poster, and was pressed on Pirate’s Press. It’s nice to have it readily available at a reasonable price instead of some bad “live” recording on shady “European pressing” vinyl.

 –todd (PHR,