BLINDNESS: Wrapped in Plastic: CD

Nov 16, 2015

I hear the ‘90s are in vogue again. It was an interestingly fertile period for so-called “alternative” music. Like every other musical subculture before or since, it was gelded, commodified, narrowed, and strip-mined until all that was left was fleeting touchstone references that could be marketed and resold to punters and fuckwits who didn’t know better or didn’t care a two-penny fart that what they were ingesting was crap. Bush, Creed, and a ton of others owe their mansions to these dipshits. Ignore the recording date of this release and you’d swear it was some lost gem released just before things went south—echoes of shoegaze dissonance washing over a funky backbone-bender rhythm section, padded with later-period psychedelic references. Despite some easily pulled influences, it shines with a creative streak largely absent in this modern era of music-as-bland-conveyor-belted-product pop, musicians making a racket that comes from within, not from a focus group… or maybe they just caught me in a maudlin mood or something. Who the fuck cares? Right now all’s I want is someone to plop a Mad Hatter chapeau on my noggin’, dose me, point in the direction of the nearest clandestine warehouse gig, and play this fucker loud. 

 –jimmy (Saint Marie,

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