BLIND SHAKE, THE: Seriousness: CD

Jul 06, 2011

Stomping, bristling, bruising future primitivism with reverby, surfy, salty, windswept flourishes. They’re from the Midwest, so perhaps one of the first bands to meld surf sounds inside of hurricanes? The Blind Shake conjure up a future that’s failing, decaying, and breaking off in chunks: waves swelling with broken promises and chunks of TVs; cinematic rusty circuit boards of songs that are anxious, melodically abrasive, and lurking. The overall impression of Seriousness is a Brazil-style foreboding that all of these “technological advancements” are entrapments in alluring disguises and we’re listening to culture seriously rend itself apart. Great. If Servotron was that band that waged a war against humans, The Blind Shake are the shock troops.

 –todd (Learning Curve)