BLIND SHAKE, THE: Rizzograph: CD

Apr 05, 2006

The key phrase here is AmRep. Coming out of Minneapolis (surprise, surprise), this three piece (two guitars—one normal and one baritone—and drums) is reminiscent of much of the material that came from the late, great noise rock label. The Jesus Lizard and Cows are two frequent names mentioned when it comes to the "sounds like" category with this band. The music is frantic and upbeat, exciting and fast-paced; even the infrequent thirty-second slowdown (does that count as a song?) is quickly forgotten, trashed by the forward-marching sounds of a bull-headed blitz of rock and roll. With twelve songs in about twenty minutes, that probably gives you a good idea of what you’re getting into with this release. Yeah, you guessed it: rock’n’roll fun.

 –kurt (Learning Curve)

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