Jan 23, 2008

I guess I’ve been writing for Razorcake for a while now as I remember reviewing these guys’ last album. So I went back and read my review of their previous release, The Rizzograph. Rock’n’roll, AmRep style. Rock and more rock and straight ahead aggro-rock. That’s generally what I said about it. That seems to follow here as well, although much less AmRep style, more of the aggro-rock. For having a male singer, the vocals are incredibly high-pitched but not annoying. It just sounds like a girl is singing. There is a twinge of that DC sound, but there are still punk rock beats and attitude which causes this album to definitely fall into the post-punk category. All the songs are real short—nothing is over three minutes—which makes for twelve songs in twenty-four minutes. There aren’t any songs that really stick out here, but I do think it’s better than the last album of theirs I reviewed. So at least they’re improving, which is never a bad thing.

 –kurt (Learning Curve)

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