BLIND PIGS: Capitânia: 10”

May 28, 2014

Capitânia is the new release from the long-running Brazilian streetpunk band Blind Pigs. Celebrating twenty years as a band in 2013, Blind Pigs embarked on a lengthy tour of Brazil and reissued their back catalog, as well as this new record. Catchy without being corny, and belting out their sing-song anthems in Portuguese, Blind Pigs are definitely on the happier, bouncy end of the street scene. Not unlike Klasse Kriminale, it’s taken Blind Pigs a lot longer than it should to gain international recognition. In South America, they’re achieving Rancid-like status, but “Joe Slow in the back row” types are just now hearing about them. I too was a blind pig, but now I see.   –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)