BLIGHT: Detroit: The Dream Is Dead: CD

Jul 17, 2006

A reissue by this Tesco Vee-led, post-Fix band’s sole 7” EP (plus outtakes, a four-track demo, and a live set), short on the hardcore thrashin’ that made all involved (in)famous and long on arty dirge-core. While I’ve always had a soft spot for Blight’s skronk (hell, I’m a sucker for almost any of Tesco’s projects that don’t involve piss poor heavy metal noodling), I’m completely at a loss as to why Touch and Go thought to release this and not a proper collection of the Fix’s recorded output. That band’s status and influence on Midwestern hardcore would lead one to believe they’d be first in line for a retrospective like those T&G have done for Die Kreuzen, Negative Approach, the Meatmen and now Blight, especially considering the fact that their output hasn’t been in print for many a moon. Go figure.

 –jimmy (Touch and Go )

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