Nov 13, 2013

This is a solo project from the former singer of Raw Nerves and guitarist/singer of Squalora and is kind of acoustic, kind of ambient, and mostly not my thing at all. The lyrics are great on “Veins of Oil.” They’re very political and topical about how oil is the reason for so many of our troubles and wars. Regretfully, the vocals are buried in the mix and have effects loaded on top of them. I can barely make them out. Thanks for the printed lyrics in the CD cover. This is the kind of pretentious claptrap—like experimental noise and ideas that sound great in the studio, but fail to work well outside of your group of friends—that people seem to put out and fans of the artist love, but outsiders seem to miss the point of. You get four songs, but two of them are the songs played backwards—like the album is being played backwards to hear if there are subliminal messages mixed in. Sadly, subliminal messages might have helped… no thanks.

 –Rick Ecker (Poisoned Candy,