BLEEDING HICKEYS, THE: Lovers & Haters, Unite!: CD

Aug 12, 2006

Angled, jangly, very-little-distortion-in-the-high-end spazz-punk. In the accompanying one-sheet that came with this, they say that people have compared them to everything from Blondie to Television, but I think that's kind of a crock, because what I'm hearing is a not-quite-as-frantic Tyrades kind of thing, like if the Tyrades decided they really needed to focus on being more decipherable and calm. The bummer being that that band's seeming inability to be decipherable or calm is what makes them so goddamned charming and rad. So what we wind up with is if the Tyrades all had really debilitating headcolds, drank a bunch of Nyquil to feel better, recorded a 12" 45 and then you bought it and wound up playing it at 33 1/3. I mean, it's not literally that slow, but it's missing that certain "Whaa! YEWEEEEEEEEROW! YeoWwowrar, rawrghyeah! Yeh, BLUGHYEAH!" to really kick it over the top. Know what I mean?

 –keith (Jilted)