BLEACH03: The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even To: CD

Dec 06, 2007

This CD does the band no justice. I saw this band live a few years ago. We saw three Japanese women set up and just wrote them off as another pop punk band. Right from the first note, they wailed through song after song of pure mayhem. Picture a mix of Melt Banana meets Primus who give birth a bastard threesome. This release has a more progressive and mature sound to it with more control in the songs. I don’t feel the same constant, manic energy from when I saw the band live. But the track “Torch” is an interesting song. The song, though sung in Japanese, has a very sing-a-long feel to it even when the music has more of punk meets a rock metal hybrid. It personally stands out for me as the highlight track. The track “Not Peter” is the track that most identifies, for me, the sound of the band: fast punk with screaming vocals. One thing’s for sure: the band is a tough one to pigeon hole on this release. It can be pretty one second to ugly and noisy in the next and then flop into some funk/jazz groove. A little more challenging to listen to, but if you put in the effort, it will be satisfying in the end.

 –don (High Wave)