BLÖÖDHAG: Hellbent for Letters: Demo-version CD

Jul 25, 2006

The nutshell: Blöödhag play short heavy metal songs about science fiction authors. They play actual libraries (there’s a mini documentary—The Sooner You Go Deaf, The More Time You Have to Read—about them) and they continue to pull from the deep well of authors they celebrate. (Although I was really looking forward to R**d Like a Beast, where Jake promised to be wearing a bloody book codpiece on the cover.) Think Municipal Waste, except thickly spectacled, with a little less DRI, played by guys in ties with latent professional wrestling tendencies. Sure, they’re metal, but the solos are kept at bay and the doom and amplitude is stomping all over the place. Plus, you’re learning and shit by rockin’ out. It’s like a book on tape overdubbed with a more growly Slayer. The only mystery, for me, is since this is a demo, no song titles. I don’t know who they’re honoring, which is half the fun of learning. Another welcome Blöödhag addition to my card catalog.

 –todd (Alternative Tentacles)