BLÖÖDHAG: Hell Bent for Letters: CD

Sep 05, 2006

Who said metalheads are stupid? These warriors against book burning are the opposite of what you think a metal band should sing about. Songs about authors: sixteen of them. That is no small feat. I know I’m honest enough to say I’m stupid and can’t name sixteen authors of classic literature. These dudes do and write songs about them. How original is that?! But not only are they literary, they have the metal chops and can bust out the riffs with the best of them. Live, they are freakin’ awesome! But watch out, they don’t throw out raw meat at the audience. If you are not lookin’, you might get smacked in the head with a paperback. Even worse! A hardcover will put you in a hospital with a concussion. The public education system sucks, so go out and purchase a copy of this so that you can learn while you headbang.

 –don (Alternative Tentacles)

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