Feb 18, 2009

Don’t worry, although Blazing Haley loosely fit into the psychobilly/rockabilly mold, they don’t play like they’re recording and episode for the Halloween episode of Happy Days or making songs that could be used to sell Cheez Whiz to folks with pompadours,nor do they sound like they spend too much time deliberating on the height of their jeans’ cuffs. Balls, bite, and drive overcome all that. They’re my reigning favorite if I want a change of pace from straight-ahead punk, to something infused with more country. They come across more authentic and stylistically together than Tiger Army, and have more diverse tempos and are less schlocky than The Slanderin’. Go right to the top. They remind me of prime Reverend Horton Heat –bluegrass stains on their knees, there’s amazing dexterity in their fingers without becoming flashy, and they’re able to pull off slower songs that come out of the stereo like smoke rising off a single cigarette in a still room. When they pick up, lead singer Matt Armor picks up a classic Greg Graffin of Bad Religion tone to his voice that somehow fits right in with Dave Kruger’s frantic standup bass. Okay, I’ll say it. If you wish X had written a good song in the last fifteen years and Exene was muted, you’d be listening to Blazing Haley whenever you slick you hair back. Cool stuff.

 –todd (Rode to Ruin)

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