May 27, 2009

After waiting months for this full length to be finalized and pressed, I finally got what I was waiting for all along – the thunder that defines Blazing Haley: seminal rock and roll guitar that's not afraid to get loud; galloping standup bass that's so wonderfully thick live, you could cut it with a straight razor; manic, all-over-the-place drumming, making you wonder if Gene Krupa hit the crack pipe years back; and a singer who can wail it out with the best of 'em, still making it hard for me to believe that he's only been belting it out for only five years. Talent here, and lots fucking of it. Ten songs that call to mind '50s teenage lust, like "Trailer Park Annie," "Date with Ivy," and the party-rocking "They Get Bad Fast." They even recorded their version of Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" as a bonus track, and I'd like to add that they've been playing it long before the instant adoration of Ozzy/Ozfest/The Osbournes became so recently fashionable. It's unfortunate that Blazing Haley sometimes gets lumped into the "rockabilly" category, aka The Fonzie Dung Heap, because BH have got one hell of an outfit happening amongst their peers, usually leaving them buried in the dust after just one of their tried and true live gigs. It's also really unfortunate that no record labels have taken the opportunity to get up off their assses and done something with Blazing Haley. I mean, fuck, at least talk with this band, fer chrissakes! What more do you need? A fucking engraved invitation? This disc kills the competition of what's considered "hot" for Top 40 standards. But, then again, fuck Top 40. This is rock and roll. This is Blazing Haley. ([email protected])  –dale (Rode To Ruin)