BLASTMAT: Broke Life, Working Class: CD

Sep 18, 2015

I was an immediate fan of Blastmat’s music. Featuring members of Forced Reality, their songs included plenty of aggressive but catchy riffs, with plenty of parts to make you want to bedroom mosh or circle pit around your living room couch. Some sweet guitar leads and a solid rhythm section completed the musical package. Blastmat have a strong NYHC vibe that I was very into. (Their singer even sounds a tad like Sick Of It All’s Lou Koller at times.) With the album title I thought I had a good idea what Blastmat’s lyrics were going to be about before I even listened to them. While working class pride and the struggle to survive are themes I can easily get down with, I found the nationalist tones of some of Blastmat’s lyrics a bit problematic. I’m no Berkman or Bakunin, but calling out that, “I’m an American, born and raised,” in the track “Yup,” and saying “America gives too much charity, it’s time to take it back,” at the end of the track “Uprising” to make your point, doesn’t reflect working class solidarity as I understand it. I hope that Blastmat will develop a more pluralist understanding of working class pride (might I suggest reading What Is Anarchism? by Alexander Berkman, or Anarcho-Syndicalismby Rudolf Rocker), but, overall, I ended up with some mixed feelings about this. 

 –Paul J. Comeau (United Riot, [email protected],

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