Jul 25, 2002

Blasting Agents are an ugly, mean, and nasty group of midwestern auditory terrorists who are as frenetically out-of-control as a blinding apocalyptic windstorm. Their menacing musical misbehavior is a barroom-brawlin’, 18-wheelin’ cacophony of balls-out rock’n’roll brazenness that’s equal parts punk, metal, and rockabilly. It’s trashy, twisted, and turbulent; the manly, swaggering sound of hard-drinking working-class pugnaciousness; the 21st Century’s robust and brash answer to the Minutemen. Hell yeh, this lively lil’ platter of unadulterated aural attitude packs all of the relentless stinging power of a swift uppercut to the jaw; so put up your dukes, kiddies, and prepare to get hit hard!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Blasting Agents)