BLANKITOS, LOS: Make Me Drool, My Own Worst Enemy b/w C.H.U.D.: 7”EP

May 10, 2007

Ever watch cooking shows when you’re really hungry? Even the raw ingredients in their little bowls make you realize how famished you are. Los Blankitos are little bowls of quality ingredients, but when they’re put together, the promise of the recipe, although tasty, doesn’t seem to live up to its full potential. My culinary advice? More Jewws spice! More Spaceshits heat! More Shemps slurping! More Stupor Stars cumin! It’s just with music that’s aligning itself with a crazy-eyed, human-brained octopus battling spaceships on the cover, the music didn’t quite deliver what the packaging promised. (It was a lot more laid back.)

 –todd (Discos Chango)