BLANK STARE: Self-Titled: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

Being that I a.) drink, and very much like drinking and b.) am not really in the mood to go and kill pimps (as “Choice or Coercion” suggests the listener consider), I have to hand it to Blank Stare for nailing a.) some really impressive crew shouts b.) ratcheting tight-as-hell breakdowns c.) pounding out hardcore powerchords that scream like pterodactyls dragging chains all over the place and d.) seem to be thinking a bit outside of the box (“a cross is a cross, no matter which way you turn it.”). Tight, cranked, and occasionally sneaky hardcore in the best sense of the words. Fans of leave-’em-bloody-and-smiling music, like Vitamin X, Negative Approach, and Spasm 151 would do well to pick this self-released 7” up.

 –todd (Blank Stare)