BLANK PAGES: Self-titled: LP

Musically, this ain’t bad. It sounds like a European take on the Pacific Northwest’s downer punk. Unfortunately, despite the competent musicianship, the songs all seem to blend together, leaving me without a single track that popped out. Even worse are the lyrics. While I’m not thrilled with the human race and enjoy my share of bummer songs (hell, albums), I prefer my negative outlooks and despondency to be accompanied by a dose of catharsis. Here, however, the no-hope vibe seems like emo grade self-indulgent, focusing on the inability to form relationships with others because people are fake and shitty and you’re too depressed to move. There comes a point where it may be worthwhile to look at the problem inside of that. Mighta been able to roll with a 7” single’s worth of material, but an LP was too much. 

 –Vincent (Dirt Cult)