BLANK ITS: “Windows Are Dirty” b/w “Divorce”: 7”

Jul 22, 2008

The Blank Its deliver two filthy, bouncing pop songs that are dirtier than drinking the last swig of a beer into which someone has deposited their cigarette butt. “Windows Are Dirty” starts off with a massive beat and swirling guitar riff that gets into you like a parasite worming its way through your intestines. The vocals are snotty and gorgeously distorted. “Divorce” comes bounding off the B-side like a deranged ex-boyfriend hell bent on keeping the closest of tabs on his former sweetheart. It’s menacingly catchy and sounds as dangerous as unprotected sex with someone you met at the local dirt bag meat market. I was not a fan of their first 7” and wondered what sort of deranged narcotics those who reviewed it favorably were on. Clearly, it was me who needed a large dose of snortable, powdered Blank Its to elicit the appropriate high.

 –benke (Sweet Rot)

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