BLANK ITS: Johnny’s Tongue b/w I’m OK: 7”

Feb 21, 2008

Raw as an itchy rash. Simple as basic math. As catchy and blinding as syphilis in the 18th century. Much like the Ka-Knives, the charm of spazz, duct tape as lifestyle choice and fix-all, and the sound of a singer singing though a face mask and a snorkel overcomes the need for fidelity. Whereas Metallica uses lasers and NASA scientists to make what they call music, the Blank Its use a small box of blunt crayons. I like what they’re doodling. If this 7” was first grader art, I’d happily magnet it to the fridge. Fans of the Spits, The Gories, and Supercharger are already hard wired to liking this.

–todd (Band Its; [email protected])

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